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As always It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted any music for you folks to listen to, SO, (as always) I’ll reciprocate and give you a DOPE song from back when 8 mile was about to come out and I was in grade 8 being a total gangster.

Here’s Eminem’s Stimulate.

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Tyler the Creator ft. Frank Ocean with She.

YA I KNOW, a lot of hip hop; deal with it, SON.

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Just realized it’s been like 60 years since I last posted some music, dudes.

So here’s a hip hopanonymous called Internally Bleeding by Immortal Technique.

ALSO: I’ve reached 200 201 followers.

#fa-real guise?

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A very chilllled song by Minus the Bear; off their ‘Acoustics' album, here's Pachuca Sunrise.

Aka. My alarm in the morning.

…is this not playing for you, cuz it’s not playing for me.

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I want to learn to finger pick this well, Ugh.

ONE DAY, and I will serenade my wife daily.

Elliot Smith - Angeles.

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Fun song to play, this is Coldplay - See You Soon.

The live version is pretty awesome, too.

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Procreate-Satan's cover of Benighted by Opeth.


Keep it up!

(Source: raw-hands)

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Listened to this song a couple times at work because I was so inclined to go on a Team Sleep/Deftones binge at work. It was deece.

Deftones’ Pink Maggit.


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Because I know there are people who wouldn’t want to turn on soft-core porn to listen to such a chilled song, here’s an upload.

Radiohead - Nude.

Forgot how much I liked this band.

/dusts off music I haven’t listened to in years

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Current cover project! Guitar has taken Killzone 3 over by storm.

I only have so much free time, explosions and headshots. FORGIVE ME HELGHAST, I PROMISE I’M STILL PRO!

Here’s City and Colour’s Constant Knot.

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This is Me covering Badly Drawn Boy - A Minor Incident on my guitar.

BE KIND, I never post myself singing on the internets!

I got a lyric wrong, some chords were messed up, recording was with a webcam which means it’s CRAP, blah blah.

I really hope you all enjoy it.

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Here’s a cute one for all you bleeding hearts out there, this one is called Nothing Better by The Postal Service.

Good ol’ highschool beats.

…How did I end up in a death metal band again?

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Here’s a song that sounds mysteriously like Bloody Beetroots’ Warp.

It’s called Orgo by Savoy.

I LOVE ELECTRO HOUSE. This music provides the best party times ever. Dubstep wins, granted, but electro house gets a mention, too.

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My Pops is a Musician and he took my family to his gigs when I was a young boy and this is one song I remember him playing so well.

I REMEMBER: Sitting backstage hearing him singing this song and playing guitar. So nostalgic I really love it.

Here’s Steve Earle’s Even When I’m Blue.

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